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Why Choose A Book

Simply put, a book will show you why it was well worth spending and arm and a leg on the party in the first place. Without it, your warm memories of what you did, recedes day-by-day. The layout of the book below is only a sample and we can show you your actual story book before it’s published.

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One cannot have too large a party. A large party secures its own amusement.
Jane Austen

Sample Book Layout


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Your Experiences

Many lavish parties celebrate milestones in your age. Having a framed photograph that captures the essence of the event is always worth having. It might be an excuse to do that family photograph while everyone you love is in the same place. Any orders take place after the party and it’s optional.


Best Pricings

Do you remember those photographers who persuade you to have that 2 metre square photograph of you rolling over the floor with your dog well that has taken so much space in your room you will only have room for some nice smaller pictures that we offer. Sizes from 6 x 4, 7 x 5, 6 x 9 or 10 x 8 are available framed or unframed and if you insist we can provide you with a 10ft photo of you doing your Travolta moves on the dance floor!

Just Ask

Snaps to Order

Our photographer(s) are open to your requests. Don’t be bashful, just ask and they will snap you as an individual, as a couple, in groups and, of course, doing daft things. We say daft, but after a couple of glasses those things probably seem quite reasonable.


Best Dressed

Pricing in Focus

Although, you can order books, calendars and prints months after the party finished it’s probably best to do it sooner simply because the photographer puts it together better because their memory is fresh and they remember better the events that made the party gel.

Large style coffee-table books start at only £150 for 20 colour pages. Additional pages can be purchased at a modest cost per page. Please understand that a story book is more than just photographs of your guests enjoying themselves; the book is crafted so that it tells the story of all your event and captures the details and the essence of what made your party sparkle.

Your guests also take snaps, or perhaps you had a photo-booth, as well. The good news is that 3rd party pics can be included in the package so you have a fully rounded feel of the event.


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