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You’ve got the date and all you need is a venue-right? Well you could wing it but if you are presenting yourself as a professional company entertaing your important clients a wing and a prayer aint going to cut it. Party Source does everything the name suggests.


From design to delivery.

Key venues

We negotiate the best terms from the prestigious hotels to unusual event spaces on your behalf.

Face to Face Dealings

When planning a party mistakes often happen in proxy methods of communication. We believe in face-to-face meetings dealing with the person(s) who is in charge.

Adding the details

Anyone can set themselves up as a planner. However, getting the small details right makes the difference between planners that are used again and again and those disastrous cheap attempts.

Last minute Stress

We take it all on the chin. Performers arriving late to traffic problems. We’ve got your back.


Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

This is why you hire us because your event is done well and efficiency saving you time, money and effort. This is a no brainer as we save you our fees in your overall budget.

Roadmap planning

We bring you on board and keep you well informed about budget, venue options and facilities; entertainment; drinks and catering and how we can make it special with themes and decor.

Execute & Monitor

Experience is key and we have the keys to the kingdom. We have done repeat venues with the same success because every time it feels and looks different.

Catering & Drinks

You Decide


3-4 Courses


Goody Bags





The icing on the cake

Make Your Event Memorable

Just because your event is Black Tie it doesn’t have to be dull. Your guests might be used to fine dining and grand surroundings when they don Black Tie, but they still like to be surprised. Getting this balance right is a forte of ours.


Pricing Models For Every Need

One price does not fit all. So we can’t give you a guide price until you give us an idea of budget and numbers. Please let us know the answers to all of the above. We just need a ball park figure as they say Stateside to be able to send you a realistic quote.

It's a Numbers Game

Before we pull a rabbit out of a hat we do need some basic information. Let us know the following:

  • How many guests
  • Budget per head for drinks 
  • Budget per head for food (if required)
  • Budget for venue
  • Do the  guests need transportiation?


It’s helpful to know dress code or if a theme is suggested. How likely are your guests becoming involved?

  • Guests will be ok with a token item
  • Guests will dress accordingly
  • Guests only will wear Black Tie
  • Guests would like smart casual 
  • Guests would want to dress casually
  • Guess would love entertainment

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