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Events around London for your clients or staff

After work drinks

Your team has a great year and you would like to say thank you for their efforts. Treating them to an after-work drinks party is always a winner. It can start around 6pm and finish around 8.30pm


These clients enjoyed an After-work drinks event at the London Transport Museum along with reenactors who dressed in 19th century garb characters, for entertainment.


An entertainer, dressed as marcel marceau entertains our client’s guests at Altitude Bar, in London. We don’t always use entertainers but when there’s a budget it’s always worth it.


Singers, dancers, reenactors, comedians, opera singers, magicians; we’ve hired them all. You can’t expect your guests to entertain themselves. Can you? We don’t think so.

Events Planned in london & the south East

For great venues, London takes some beating. However, we have arranged events in the South East at lovely venues. In fact, if you are thinking about overnight stays then around the M25 has a lot to offer.


Step One

Work out how many guests you would like to have and location.

We find a suitable venue according to your purse strings.


Step Two

Work out your overall budget that would include: Food & drink

We source the best style for your budget. Could be start from light bites.


Step Three

We consult you about DJs, Entertainers, Photographers, Catering, Decoration, timing, themes, dress codes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your event.

After Work


There is an art in guaging how many drinks one needs for an event, especially, if the venue has to order in.

Too many and your budget is wasted and not enough means disappointing your guests. Getting it right is where we come in.

Food for thought

Canapés, hors d’œuvre, starters, or whatever you like to call them, don’t have to be expensive or fancy. If they are going to be washed down with beer and the like, something bite-size and fresh is all that is needed. For more discerning guests we can provide food that will satisfy their expectations.


It’s all about the detail that separate us from someone in your office planning an event. This is what we do on a daily basis.


Colours, flowers, fruit, drapes, chandeliers, candelabras, red carpets, the list is endless. Just ask and we will provide.


The art of choosing the right venue is down to us, because even if you have no idea we can suggest from past experience.


The in word is bowl food. It can be a cheaper way to feed your guests without it looking as if you have skimped on the budget.

All in the detail

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