Party Source is the perfect place to create the perfect party event. We take away the haphazard finger-crossing and source, reliable contractors who will decorate, cater, photograph and entertain your precious guests. The guess work is taken out as our experience will make the budgeting and the coming together of all the elements for a successful event.

Corporate EVENTS

Keeping your clients happy is something we have managed for years!


Photographers to snap those candid moments into the early hours. 


Marquees of all sizes can be arranged: hard flooring; heating; tables, chairs and loos


Party & Event planning is our raison d’etre. When you are happy we are happy. Party Source is the only place you need to visit for any party: black tie or themed, smart casual and fancy dress for us to source & plan all that is needed for the perfect bash.

You know your friends and you know yourself but can you be sure that both you and they will enjoy your party planning? Surely you have been to a party where the host is stressed out, even after the event starts.

They worry that they haven’t provided enough food or drink. They worry that their children and their mates who are serving drinks and food aren’t taking their responsibility seriously.

The day after, on reflection there will be those who blatantly had a good time; but there would be many who are too polite to tell you their real opinion.

But you can be certain that their ambivalence on your hosting skills won’t be lost on their friends when they tell them their true opinion. Yes you want to be talked about, but only to the end that your friends had a bl**dy good time!



This event was at Ashdown Park and included an overnight stay. 


Champagne & canapés.

Summer Parties

There’s alway a reason for a party. 

After Work Events

Drinks, food & Venue, we plan it all.

Other Services

Souvenir coffee style books & prints.

Why choose us


Party Source provides a service for large social events. We can provide bespoke parties for small events but we at our best when we arrange large luxurious events that take place in Hotels, Night clubs and Marquees.

You could do all that we do by yourself but the chances are that you won’t be able to do luxury on a budget. We are able to negotiate prices, venues, catering drinks and the like with only the clout that experience gives.

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If planning a party or event was like baking a cake then we don’t follow the same recipe each time, for each cake is different. This is how we create your party. It’s always bespoke. However, there are certain ingredients which we use frequently because they work so well.

Recipe for planning


We pool your budget as levage to package DJs, Caterers, Photographers, drink.


At your home; in your garden or an outside venue perfect for your style.

Guest Numbers

Everything relies on this. We can advise from our years of experience